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How To Care For Your Carpet

There’s nothing like the feeling of soft, clean carpet under your feet. To keep the feeling of fresh carpet, you need to know how to look after it.

Carpet maintenance is important for not only preserving the texture and increasing the lifespan of your carpet, but also for preventing harmful bacteria from growing deep within the fibres.

From stains and mould to dents and fading, your carpet faces the risk of damage every day. Keep your floors in top condition for as long as possible with these carpet care tips.

If you’re a family of 3 or more (or 2 and a pet dog) in a home, your carpet should be cleaned every 6 months to keep it in peak condition. Carpets that may even look clean harbour vast amounts of bacteria and germs that may cause your family harm and sickness. Also grit that has embedded deep in your carpet is wearing your carpet daily, that cannot be extracted by a household vacuum cleaner. It acts like sandpaper on your carpet fibres, wearing and decreasing the life of your valuable carpet.

Single person or couple in a flat or unit once a year steam cleaning and sanitising is sufficient.

How to Prevent Carpet Stains

Stains are often hard to remove without causing damage to the carpet. This is why it’s important to prevent stains in the first place. You can reduce the risk of carpet stains by:

  • Not placing drinks on the carpet – especially dark drinks like cola, coffee or red wine!
  • Treating your carpet with a stain-resistant spray. Most carpets will already be treated when you purchase them, but if yours isn’t, you should apply one yourself for added protection.
  • Using plastic carpet-runners in high-traffic areas such as hallways.
  • Vacuuming regularly, at least twice a week.

If a spill occurs, your best chance of getting out stain-free is to clean it up immediately. The longer you leave a spill, the longer it has to sink deep into the fibres and discolour the carpet permanently. Dab the stain with paper towels or a clean white cotton nappy, absorbing all liquid into the paper towels or nappy, and then rinse with warm water and dab dry. Do not try dish wash liquid, laundry detergent or harsh chemicals as this may bleach your carpet doing irreparable damage. Do not rub carpet with a brush or toothbrush as this may destroy the natural pile permanently.

How to Prevent Carpet Mould

Not only does carpet mould look gross; it can also cause an unpleasant odour and be dangerous for the health of your family and pets. Carpet mould can cause breathing problems like asthma and bronchitis, as well as potentially triggering allergy symptoms. Below are a few steps to prevent carpet mould:

  • Reduce indoor humidity by taking advantage of exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen, opening some windows, or using a dehumidifier.
  • Dry wet spots immediately to prevent mould from growing.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Mould thrives in damp places, so don’t ignore excess moisture in your home.

How to Prevent Carpet Dents

Your favourite bulky couch could be causing damage to your carpet. These steps will help you prevent carpet dents caused by heavy furniture and items:

  • Use padding or furniture coasters under the legs of heavy furniture and items to reduce the risk of denting the fabric and stretching the padding beneath the carpet.
  • Reposition furniture to remove the weight and give carpet a chance to get back into shape.
  • Use high-density carpets. These are generally more durable than regular carpet, with a thicker and sturdier padding underneath.

Nothing ruins the look of a beautiful carpet quite like carpet dents. Taking a few precautions will ensure you can enjoy your favourite heavy furniture and your soft carpet.

How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Fading and discolouration can make your carpet look cheap and unclean. Preventing carpet fading can help to preserve your carpet’s original texture and keep it looking its best. You can prevent carpet fading by:

  • Reducing direct sunlight by keeping blinds and curtains closed when you’re out. Having your windows tinted is also a great way to keep UV rays out.
  • Keeping it clean. The natural oils on our hands and feet, combined with the chemicals we come in contact with each day (e.g. bleach and skin creams), can cause discolouration. Attending to spills immediately is also best for avoiding discolouration from certain liquids.
  • Getting it professionally cleaned. Vacuuming alone won’t remove the build-up of dirt, grime, and other substances that can cause fading and discolouration to your carpet. Invest in some professional carpet care every now and then.

Sustaining beautiful carpet is simple with the right care and some clever carpet maintenance. For more advice to keep your carpet looking its best, and a professional clean that makes your carpet feel brand new, get in touch today.

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