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How To Kill & Prevent Dust Mites

Dust mites are an allergy sufferer’s nightmare. Feeding on the dead skin that pets and humans shed daily, these microscopic bugs produce harmful allergens from their waste. That’s right – your allergic reaction, be it a runny nose or itchy rash, isn’t caused by a bite or sting, but by dust mite faeces.

Find out how to banish these creepy crawlies from your home and keep your family safe with these helpful tips.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Follow these steps to eliminate dust mites in your home:

  • Keep your home cool and dry –Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments. Control the temperature and humidity in your home by setting your air-conditioner to 21°C, using vents in the bathroom and kitchen, keeping windows open, and using dehumidifiers.
  • Ban your furry friend from your bedroom – Pet dander is a breeding ground for dust mites. If your best friend lives indoors, at least keep them out of your bedroom.
  • Steam-clean your curtains – Handheld steam cleaners are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting the fabric items that you can’t put in your washing machine, such as curtains, carpets and cushions.
  • Clean your ducted heating vent professionally each year – A dirty ducted heating system can be both a fire and health hazard.

As you take action to evict the existing dust mites from your home, remember that it’s equally important to prevent dust mites from coming back in the future.

How to Prevent Dust Mites

Want to keep your home safe from dust mites? You can prevent dust mites from coming back in your home with the following steps:

  • Clean regularly – Dust once or twice a week, vacuum floors and upholstered furniture once or twice a week, and damp-mop hard floors once a week. Steam cleaners are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting floors, and the heat kills dust mites.
  • Ditch the plants and fish tank – Plants and aquariums add to the humidity in a room. Keep your home’s humidity under 50% by avoiding indoor plants and aquariums.
  • Wash bedding regularly – Washing your bedding in hot water every week or so will help keep dust mites at bay.

If you prefer having carpet in your home, whether you love the soft and cosy feeling under your feet or just the warm and welcoming look, it’s important to select the right carpet. Keep your health in mind when choosing the type of carpet you want in your home.

Best Carpet for Dust Mite Allergy

The best carpet for allergy and asthma sufferers is natural wool carpet. Natural wool carpets reduce the risk of dust mites as they are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew.

They also dissipate moisture, and as dust mites love warm, humid environments, wool carpets aren’t as accommodating as other types of carpeting.

No matter what type of carpet you have in your home, professional cleaning is needed at least once a year to prevent dust mites.

Professional Mattress & Carpet Cleaning

Don’t like the idea of millions of tiny dust mites feasting away on your dead skin as you sleep? We hear you!

Cheap as Chips offers professional mattress cleaning and sanitising and carpet steam cleaning, so you can keep your home clean and your family healthy. Get in touch with our friendly team of cleaning experts to discuss your needs today, and don’t forget to clean your ducted heating system regularly.

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