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How To Pick The Right Carpet For Your Home

Nothing beats the right carpet. This versatile flooring is available in endless colours and designs, giving you the freedom to create the look you want in every room of your home. It’s warm and cosy underfoot, easier to maintain and causes less slip-and-fall accidents than hard surface flooring.

With so many styles available, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the perfect carpet for you. Take the guesswork out of selecting your new carpet with a few handy tips.

Getting the Carpet that Fits Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re flying solo or have a few kids (or fur babies!) in tow, your lifestyle should be a major influence on your choice of carpet. For example, if your furry best friend lives inside, shag carpeting may not be your best fit. Or if you’re prone to allergies, wool carpeting might be your ideal choice.

Some types of carpet require more maintenance than others, and you should consider whether this upkeep fits in with your lifestyle.

Understanding Different Types of Carpets

When you’re looking to buy a carpet, you’ll come across a wide selection of types to choose from, including:

  • Wool carpet – Natural wool carpets are hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew. They’re naturally stain resistant and durable, and generally the most expensive carpeting option.
  • Nylon carpet – A popular choice, nylon carpet is an affordable alternative to wool carpet and maintains its colour through sunlight exposure and cleaning.
  • Polypropylene carpet – Generally the most affordable option, this manmade fibre is water-resistant and hard-wearing. This carpet doesn’t have the luxurious look and feel of wool carpet, so is often used in playrooms and garages.
  • Blended carpet–Wool and nylon blends are affordable and attractive and give years of service. They are very hard wearing and a popular choice.

You should consider your lifestyle and budget when choosing the right type of carpet. You might even like to use different types in different rooms in the home depending on what the space is used for and how much traffic it gets.

Understanding Carpet Piles

Once you’ve chosen the material of your carpet, you’ll need to consider the pile that best suits your needs and style.
Some types of carpet piles include:

  • Cut pile – This upright pile has an elegant finish and comes in a range of heights. It’s also available in a plush (often called velvet carpet), twist (subtly twisted to lie in different directions)and frieze (deep textured, shaggy)variations.
  • Loop pile – Yarn is looped for a soft look, and different loop heights can create striking patterns to wow your guests.
  • Combination pile– This combination of cut and loop yarn can create beautiful patterns such as squares and swirls.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Carpet

As well as the material and pile type of your carpet, there are a few other factors to keep in mind when on the hunt for your perfect carpet. These include:

  • Budget – How much do you wish to spend on your new carpet?Carpet prices vary, and some materials and piles are dearer than others.
  • Traffic – Is the carpet going to be placed in a high or low traffic area in your home? Choose a carpet that will be able to withstand the wear you expect.
  • Sunlight – How much sunlight exposure will your carpet be getting? Nylon carpet is the least likely to fade from prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • Allergies– Is anyone in your family prone to asthma or allergies? Natural wool carpet is the best type for reducing the risks of allergens, and low pile carpet is easiest to thoroughly vacuum.
  • Floor material–What is your floor made of? Cement floors require thicker underlays for more cushioning and insulation.
  • Density –How dense would you like your carpet to be? A general rule of thumb is: the denser, the better.
  • Durability–How durable does it need to be? As you check out some different types of carpet, they will generally have a 6-star rating informing you of the durability of the carpet and where it’s best used.

Vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to keep it in peak condition.

No matter what carpet you choose for your home, keep it clean and looking its best with a professional cleaning at least once a year. Get in touch with the experts at Cheap As Chips Cleaning to organise your carpet steam cleaning today.

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