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Melbourne Carpet Cleaning
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Residential Carpet Cleaning

We specialise in working with residential customers, helping to keep their happy homes clean. Our most requested services are:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • End of Lease Bond Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Mattress Cleaning & Sanitisation
Commercial & Industrial Carpet Cleaning

We have over 20 years of experience and expertise in cleaning both commercial and industrial spaces including, but not limited to:

  • Large Office Spaces
  • Retail Areas
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hotels, Restaurants & 5-Star Accommodation
End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning left to the last minute? Don't worry we can offer a same day service that will keep even the fussiest landlord happy!

  • 100% Bond Refund Guarantee

We have been cleaning homes for over 25 years. We are Melbourne’s Premier Carpet Cleaning Professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

You don’t need to break the bank to have a clean home or workplace!

We are Cheap as Chips Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne and we offer high-quality, affordable cleaning services for all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties. For over 30 years, we have been delivering carpet cleaning services and more to various locations, including Melbourne, Geelong, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges, and the Latrobe Valley. Our team of professionals are widely recognised as the cleaning experts in Melbourne; we’re the ones you can trust 100% to get the job done right. Whether it’s a bustling office in the CBD or a cosy residence in the outskirts, our promise is simple: top-notch cleaning without burning a hole in your pocket.


Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Cleaning Service Melbourne Residents Can Rely On 

When it comes to getting your carpets cleaned in your Melbourne home, office or commercial space, Cheap As Chips is the team to turn to. We’re the number one carpet steam cleaning company in Melbourne, but we don’t just stop at carpets! Our professional cleaners offer a range of cleaning services designed to help you get the best result possible. We offer:

The team at Cheap As Chips also provides end of lease cleaning services that come with our 100% bond back guarantee. We can also help out before auctions, or even after the builders have been through with our high-pressure cleaning for outdoor areas. Our team of expert cleaners and technicians deliver 5-star customer satisfaction every time, with spectacular performance and high-level customer service. 

As one of the trusted Melbourne cleaning services, we also provide end-of-lease cleaning services that come with our 100% bond back guarantee. Not only are we experts in carpet cleaning in Melbourne, but we can also assist before auctions, or even after builders have visited with our high-pressure cleaning for outdoor areas. Our esteemed cleaning service Melbourne team of expert cleaners and technicians delivers 5-star customer satisfaction every time, with both spectacular performance and high-level customer service. So, when you’re in need of Melbourne carpet cleaning, know that we are always ready to provide top-notch solutions.

We’re based in Melbourne, but we’ve seen the carpet cleaning needs of customers far and wide. We’ve completed a range of carpet cleaning jobs in Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Latrobe Valley, and Ballarat. See Areas We Service. Our cleaning solutions are kind to the environment and represent the most cost-effective choice in Melbourne. 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 Customer Service award-winners, book our services today!

Contact Our Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Experts

Get in touch with our professional team if you’re looking for great results when it comes to carpet cleaning plus a range of other services. We can help with carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet repairs and we’re open seven days a week to take bookings and carry out our services. 

If you’re looking for great carpet cleaning Melbourne services, look no further than Cheap As Chips! We specialise not only in Melbourne carpet cleaning, but also a plethora of other cleaning services. Whether it’s carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, or carpet repairs, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves in being the most reliable cleaning service Melbourne has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Dry and Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning involves the use of steam to carry a cleaning agent deep into the carpet. The process starts with spraying a pre-cleaning agent that loosens dirt and soiling - making it easy to steam clean away any dirt and stains. Dry cleaning uses much less moisture (that’s why it’s called ‘dry’) but much more chemical solvent, and dirt is buffed away instead of vacuumed, leaving behind chemical residue in your carpets.

Without the heat and moisture, we tend to find that dry cleaning just doesn’t cut it on carpets as it mostly just cleans the surface. Further, the build-up of chemical residue can shorten the life of your carpet, acting like a sandpaper on the fibres as we tread over it. That’s why the team at Cheap as Chips recommend steam cleaning, where you can get a deeper and more thorough clean, removing deep set dirt and stains and leaving nothing behind.

How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?

How often you should have your carpet cleaned is all down to foot traffic. A carpeted area in a busy home with a big family is going to get dirtier faster. But a couple sharing a unit and taking care to avoid wearing shoes on the carpet isn’t going to need to get their carpets cleaned as regularly.

Heavy foot traffic will see you needing to get your carpets clean at tighter intervals. It’s important that you stay on top of this as the dirt and bacterial build-up can shorten the life of your carpet and even pose a hazard to your health!

At Cheap as Chips, we provide carpet cleaning services for homes, schools, offices, hospitality venues, and we can even help you secure your deposit back at the end of a lease (100% guaranteed). If your carpets look like they could do with a bit of a spruce up, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How Should I Maintain My Carpets After Professional Cleaning?

When you get your carpets professionally cleaned with Cheap as Chips, all the heavy lifting is taken care of. So, taking care of your carpets after having them professionally cleaned really is as simple as vacuuming regularly and making an effort to avoid tracking any dirt or grime through the house.

Accidents happen, and you’ll likely find yourself tempted to do some spot cleaning in the event that there’s a bit of a mishap. But we encourage you to leave the stain removal to us. Specifically because we have the materials and the know-how to get the best possible result. Simple mistakes like using an alkaline cleaning cleaning solution on an acidic stain can have the effect of permanently setting that stain and ruining your carpet for good.

Why Should I Hire A Professional Cleaning Company?

A professional cleaning company like Cheap as Chips is equipped to produce a result you’ll love. Working with a company you can trust takes all the guesswork out of getting a great result, and getting it fast. We’re organised, take payments by both cash and card, and we even have same day services available to those who’ve found themselves in a pinch.

We pride ourselves on being a company our customers can trust. A company where the customer comes first and money comes second. The team at Cheap as Chips have been at it for over 30 years. We can help you extend the life of your carpets and furnishings, and we can help you maintain a space you’ll love to live in. Importantly for those finishing up a lease, we can even help you get your bond back - proudly supporting a 100% Bond Back Guarantee. Choose Cheap as Chips for your carpet cleaning services, and you’ll be blown away by the results!

Is It Safe for Children, Babies and Pets?

Our carpet cleaning services are safe for your children, babies and pets. Steam cleaning does involve the use of a cleaning agent that can irritate the eyes and skin if used improperly. But at Cheap as Chips, we take every measure to ensure that the process is carried out safely.

We use only the most reliable cleaning equipment and supplies – and we can walk you through each step of the process. All cleaning agents are extracted from the carpet and flushed out, leaving nothing behind but a perfectly clean and safe carpet.

With an experienced team like Cheap as Chips, getting a great carpet clean poses no risk to you or your family. Just ask our carpet cleaning specialists if you have any specific queries or concerns.

Will All the Stains Come Out?

We can’t guarantee that all stains will come out. Sometimes the carpeting is just too far gone. But if it is salvageable, just know that the carpet cleaning services that we provide at Cheap as Chips are the closest to a sure thing that you can get.

The stains that are the hardest to get out tend to be urine from pets, and particularly those that have been left for some time. We find that older pets tend to leave urine stains that are harder to get out. This can be attributed to the higher acidity of older pets’ urine. We have cleaning agents that can do some brilliant things though, so get in touch no matter how bad it is!

We encourage you to refrain from attempting to spot-fix these stains yourself. There are three main types of chemical that can be used (acidic, alkaline, and neutral) and using the wrong type can permanently set a stain.

How Long will the Cleaning Take to Do?

The time it takes to clean your carpet will depend on a couple key factors. The size of the area to be cleaned, the density of the weave of the carpet, the colour of the carpet, and the extent of the wear and grime to be cleaned away. Typically, carpets in high traffic areas will take slightly longer to clean.

At Cheap as Chips, we work to ensure that you get the result that you’ve paid for. But we are also conscious that you won’t want cleaning equipment running all day in your home. We’ll do our best to keep the cleaning time to a reasonable window.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning?

In order to get a top-quality result, we ask that our customers take the time to clear away any furniture, vacuum the carpets they want cleaned, and remove any bits and debris. This will drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to get a great result and reduce the cost of the appointment.

We ask that our customers vacuum before we start because the surface dirt and grime on an unvacuumed carpet can complicate the process and hinder our ability to get the result you’ve paid for. Other than that, we should be good to go! Afterwards, we recommend opening up your windows and giving everything a chance to dry out quickly.

Can I Get A Quote Over the Phone?

At Cheap as Chips, we can provide you with an approximate idea of the cost of a carpet clean over the phone. But we stress that this quote is approximate. The end cost of getting your carpets cleaned will not always match the rough quote provided over the phone. After all, we don’t expect our customers to have every detail dialled in exactly, and the extent of the work will often differ from what was discussed.

We’ve found that our customers, when they see the quality of our work, are eager to book us in for more work around their homes, businesses and workplaces!

What Areas Do You Service?

The team at Cheap as Chips service all of Melbourne and much of its surrounds. We will take on bookings for homes up to Bacchus Marsh, out past Sunbury, into the Yarra Valley, down the Peninsula and into Portsea - and of course Geelong and the Latrobe Valley. We’ve carried out top notch cleans for customers all over Melbourne. If you’re at all in doubt about whether we can make it to you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

How Soon Can I Walk on My Carpet After Cleaning?

Provided everything is clean around the carpet you’ve just had cleaned, you shouldn’t experience any problems walking on your carpet straight away! We do tend to recommend giving your carpet two hours to let any moisture dissipate before returning any furniture to the area.

When you do replace your furniture, we recommend that you use some plastic sheeting under the legs just for the next 24 hours. This keeps any moisture from getting trapped there and damaging your furniture or carpet. Our team will provide you with some off cut plastic sheeting that will do the trick.

How Can We Pay?

At Cheap as Chips, we take both cash and card payments. All customers will be provided with an official receipt and don’t be surprised if you get a call a few days after your clean from our team to check in with you on the quality of the job! Our goal is to make the whole process painless, and part of that is ensuring that you get the chance to pay for our services in whatever way is most convenient for you. If you’re at all unsure, don’t hesitate to ask.

And if for any reason you’re less than 100% satisfied with our cleaning services, just give us a call. We’re a business that puts our customers first, and it’s always our aim to please. At Cheap as Chips our motto is ‘Perfection is our goal, but excellence will be tolerated.’

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3 Rooms for $70 3 rooms professionally steam cleaned and deodorised for $70, up to 29 sqm. Conditions Apply

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"Sanitisation is a mandatory condition of the steam cleaning service and is at an additional cost of $5 per room"

"The special for 3 rooms is conditional on the area of the carpet measuring up to 29 square metres, and being of good condition. Heavy staining and lighter colour carpets might cost a small additional fee."