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Flood Damage Carpets

Flooded Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

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Our Flood Damage Carpet Cleaning Process:

1. On receiving your call, a fully certified technician or technicians (depending on the size of the job) will arrive, address the damage and give you the options that will best restore your premises.

2. Flood water will be extracted as much as possible.

3. Water damaged underlay will be removed and anti-browning and anti-bacterial treatment will be sprayed on your carpet.

4. Commercial dryers will be placed in strategic positions that move vast amounts of air over and under your carpet, drying it rapidly.

5. Commercial dehumidifiers will be brought in to dehumidify the air and get rid of excess dampness.

6. On drying the carpet our technicians will sanitise the area of carpet and relay the under-felt and carpet to its original position.

7. When the carpet is back into position our technicians will steam clean and deodorise the carpet, leaving it spotless and hygienically clean.

8. Payment options for convenience are credit card or cash.

9. Cheap as Chips will leave you an official tax invoice, so you may claim from your insurance company.

10. A head office delegate will call you after 7 days to make sure you are satisfied with all aspects of work carried out.

Why You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Dried And Cleaned After Flooding:

  • When disaster strikes and your carpets are partly wet or completely flooded, be it from an incursion of water, leaking roof, flash flooding, gutter overflow, burst pipes, sewage overflow, fish tank breakage or something as simple as leaving a tap or bath overflow. Help is not far away.
  • Flooded carpets, if not treated promptly, can lead to your valuable floor furnishings being completely ruined. You need to act immediately, your carpets are damaged. If that is not bad enough, the likelihood of health problems start to occur.
  • Mould, mildew and bacteria will occur. Mould will grow within 24 hours, unless treated.
  • When flooding occurs, if not treated promptly, not only can your costly floor coverings be damaged, but also the walls, floor boards and timber stumps.
  • Mould spores can also pose a health risk – and can be particularly harmful to your children and pets – as they typically spend more time closer to the carpet and agitating mould spores into the air.

Cheap as Chips has been a household name in carpet cleaning and flood restoration for over 25 years of service to the Melbourne and outer Melbourne region. Call today and get your flood damaged carpets looked at.

After Hours Emergency 0415 326 685

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Flood Damage Cleaning Services

How long will it take to finish the job?

Depending on the extent of the damage and the scale of the area that we are cleaning, the time it takes to extract any residual water and clean your carpets will vary. But generally, we are able to finish water damage jobs in one to two days – in most residential settings. Note though, this is hands-on time, and the process often requires us to raise the carpet and leave it to dry overnight before returning the next day to complete the task.

Will the carpet smell afterwards?

Flooding and water damage can bring about a smell in your carpets and rugs, but this smell is typically the result of a growth of bacteria in the fibres of your carpets and floor coverings. Cheap As Chips will sanitise and disinfect your floor coverings, killing this bacteria and eliminating the smell it creates – leading to a clean smelling carpet and underfloor.

Will the carpet shrink due to water damage?

No, carpets do not typically shrink as a result of flooding. Neither will they shrink as a result of any of the treatments and processes we use to clean and disinfect your carpets after flooding.

What is the process for restoring a flood damaged carpet?

Our cleaners will suction away any excess water and lift your carpet away from the floor. They will then spray an anti-bacterial treatment over your floor and the back of your carpet, and remove the underlay. They will then place dryers for one day that will completely dry out your carpets and flooring, and relay your carpets over a fresh underlay. They’ll then finish with a steam clean and sanitise your carpets.

Is disposal of flood damage waste included in your service?

Yes. Let our technicians know ahead of time and we will be able to not only clean and sanitise your carpets, but also clear away any flood damage related waste. This service includes damage relating to sewage overflow – a process that is largely similar to the process laid out above.

Can we book your flood restoration service for sewage overflow cleaning?

Yes, and the process is largely the same as the one laid out above. For any questions about this service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Should I file a claim with my insurance provider?

If you have insurance cover for flooding and sewage overflow, you absolutely should look into whether or not that policy will cover the cost of our services. Whether that is the case will depend on the policy you have taken out. 

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"Sanitisation is a mandatory condition of the steam cleaning service and is at an additional cost of $5 per room"

"The special for 3 rooms is conditional on the area of the carpet measuring up to 29 square metres, and being of good condition. Heavy staining and lighter colour carpets might cost a small additional fee."

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