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Cheap Rug and Mat Cleaning Service Melbourne

Cheap as Chips carpet cleaners are also able to clean all of your rugs and mats using the latest in cleaning technology. Super steam cleaning and rapid dry cleaning are combined with Scotchgard carpet protector to ensure the best possible result.

The Scotchgard four-point protection plan ensures that the appearance is preserved, soil is resisted, and the rug is protected from spills with the protection lasting up to three years.

Protection for your rugs and mats that lasts up to three years – call today for a free quote.

We know that every rug is unique, and every need is different. We clean rugs of all colours and type, including:

  • Persian rugs
  • Chinese wool
  • Indian rugs
  • Belgium rugs
  • Tapestry
  • Flokati rugs

…and so much more

Your rugs and mats are an integral part of your indoor furnishings. They not only make your home look beautiful they also help to reduce wear on wooden floors and carpets. With regular cleaning, your rugs and mats will last for years to come.

We work with both residential customers and commercial businesses.

Ask us about cleaning your pets bedding and mats while doing your rugs and mats.

Commercial Rugs and Mats Cleaning

Keep your rugs looking clean and professional with our commercial rugs and mats cleaning. Cheap As Chips provides a commercial cleaning service to thoroughly clean your rugs and mats for a fresh and healthy environment. Some of the commercial premises we service include:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

Commercial properties see a lot of foot traffic, which means outside dirt and bacteria can quickly build up on your rugs. Vacuuming alone won’t help – you need a commercial rugs and mats cleaning service to thoroughly remove deep-down dirt for clean and soft rugs and mats.

Why commercial rugs and mats cleaning is important

Your commercial property represents your business, and grubby rugs and mats aren’t a good look! Commercial rugs and mats cleaning isn’t just important for maintaining a clean and professional appearance. It can also help create a more hygienic environment for your employees and customers.

Bacteria and allergens live deep inside rugs and mats, causing allergies and illness. While regular vacuuming won’t remove these nasties, professional cleaning will.

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Keep your business looking clean and professional with our cheap rug and mat cleaning services in Melbourne. Cheap As Chips is open 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays, so you can get your rugs and mats looking their best, any day of the week.

See what other customers have said about our services in our commercial clients’ testimonials, or get in touch with the friendly team today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rug Cleaning Services

What is the difference between your carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services?

Rugs and carpets aren’t the same thing, but they aren’t all that different either. Our rug cleaning services are carried out by the same people as our carpet cleaning, and typically use the same steam cleaning equipment. We’ll make allowances for the density of the material, and other considerations like that – just the same as we would with your carpets.

What’s the main reason to use a rug cleaner?

Rugs and floor coverings can pick up plenty of dirt and grime, and fast become unsanitary. Beyond getting your rugs back to looking almost new, some of the biggest reasons to hire Cheap As Chips rug cleaners is to get a sanitary result that keeps your rugs from smelling or becoming a problem for your children and pets.

Will the stains be removed?

Cheap As Chips will remove the stains in your rugs and carpets wherever possible and spot clean where necessary. The equipment we use and the experience we bring to the job means we’re the best choice for customers looking to get tough stains out of their rugs and carpets.

How long will it take to clean my rugs and mats?

The length of the job will depend on how many rugs and carpets you need cleaned. We take jobs of all shapes and sizes and will be able to provide you with a rough indication of how long the job should take once we’ve had a chat about the number and size of the rugs you want cleaned.

How long will my rugs take to dry?

Generally speaking, your rugs will take approximately two hours to dry. This will usually come down to where they are left to dry and how much ventilation they’re getting. Thicker carpets will also typically take a little longer to dry completely.

Which type of cleaning is best: dry cleaning or hot water extraction?

At Cheap As Chips, we use steam cleaning equipment, and make a point of letting our customers know that this is our preferred method. Less harmful chemicals and a more thorough result means that we’ve nothing but satisfied customers all over Melbourne.

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"Sanitisation is a mandatory condition of the steam cleaning service and is at an additional cost of $5 per room"

"The special for '3 rooms for $56' is conditional on the area of the carpet measuring to 29 square metres or under, and being of good condition. Heavy staining and lighter colour carpets might cost a small additional fee."