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Solar Panel Cleaning

There’s no doubt you’ve spent a lot of money on making your home energy-efficient by investing in solar panels. So, take care of your biggest asset by booking a thorough, environmentally-friendly solar panel cleaning service with Cheap As Chips.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance in Melbourne

If your solar panels aren’t performing as they used to or don’t seem to be producing the same amount of energy, then it’s time you get your solar panels cleaned. But don’t just get anyone to do it: you need someone for the job who can handle the heights while using specialised equipment. Save yourself the dangerous climb and ask Cheap As Chips to professionally clean your panels for you.

Why do you need to clean your solar panels? Dust on solar panels does a lot more than make them look old: just 4 grams of dust per square meter can decrease solar power connection by up to 30%. Cleaning solar panels is not a cosmetic job but is essential for your solar panels to operate at peak rate capacity.

Maintain the quality of your solar panels with a detailed clean

If you live close to the sea, solar panels are exposed to salt crystals which accumulate over a very short time. Also, bird droppings, pollen and tree sap will severely reduce the generating capacity of your solar panels. Pollution is also a major factor in solar panels not performing at their energy producing capacity, especially in commercial and industrial areas.

Maintaining your solar panels is easy with the help of Cheap As Chips Cleaning. We provide an effective cleaning service for residents across Melbourne. Contact us for a FREE quote today.

How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Cleaning your solar panels saves you money but how often you should do it will depend on where you live. For example, if your property is by the sea or coastal area, or dusty environments, you may need more regular cleaning. Generally speaking, every 3 to 6 months is a good average to clean your solar panels. It’s true that the benefits far outweigh the costs associated with a professional solar panel cleaning.

Professional solar panel cleaning by the experts

For over 20 years, we have been providing solar panel cleaning services to commercial and residential clients across Melbourne. Along with other specialised services like pressure cleaning and window cleaning, we’re proud to offer a quality solar panel cleaning service that is second to none.

We make sure all your solar panels are clean and clear of all soiling, plus we clean the frame of the panels at no extra cost.

We eliminate all mould and bacteria using 100% environmentally friendly products and only use 100% filtered water, so no residue or scratches are left on your solar panels. Most importantly, all personnel are fully insured with the correct safety equipment.

Get in touch

Your solar power system’s efficiency will depend on how well you keep your solar panels clean. Contact the friendly team at Cheap As Chips today, and we’ll maximise the amount of sunlight that you can harness. You’ll begin to see an immediate difference after we have cleaned your panels.

In addition to solar panel cleaning, we also provide end of lease cleaning and duct cleaning. We’re serious about eliminating dirt, dust and mould from every corner of a property. If you are too, book with us for an unparalleled customer service and cleaning experience.

When you’re ready for your FREE quote on our professional solar panel cleaning, contact Cheap as Chips by filling out the form below. A friendly member of our team will be in touch soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

At Cheap As Chips, we strive to make it quick, easy and affordable to ensure that your solar panels are clean and clear of any grime that can affect the way they work. Our prices start from $7 per panel, but the exact cost of our services will depend on a couple factors. Accessibility (where your panels are), how many panels you have, and how much cleaning they need will all be factored in. 

How often do solar panels require cleaning?

We typically recommend that you have your solar panels cleaned annually. This way, you can ensure that leaf matter and build-up aren’t affecting the efficiency of your solar panels and reducing the amount of power they create. If you live in a particularly leafy area, or nearby the sea where salt can be an issue, you may want to consider more regular cleans.

How do you avoid damaging solar panels during cleaning?

We use clarified water and do all of our solar panel clean jobs by hand with squeegees and chamois. This way, we can ensure we’re never applying undue pressure to your solar panels and get a detailed clean that will see them clean and clear to collect energy.

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