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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

Residential, Commercial & Industrial 

At Cheap as Chips we have specialised in cleaning gutters for over 25 years. We only use qualified tilers who know what they are doing and  guarantee that your roof tiles will not be broken in the process.

We also trim away any over-hanging branches dropping leaves into your gutters and give you a free roof appraisal with any job carried out – if any of the tiles need replacing, we can also assist.

Why clean your gutters?

1. Clean gutters prevent flood damage into your wall and ceiling cavities, causing costly replacement and repairs.

2. Prevents fires starting from any local bush fire embers or embers flying out of your chimney.

3. Deterioration and rusting of gutters, leading to costly replacement.

4. Constant overflowing of gutters causes weather boards, stumps and foundations to rot.

5. Overflowing gutters pouring water on to pathways and patios causing them to become mossy and excessively slippery.

6. Clean gutters mean you are collecting clean rain water

Our services include:

  • Clean all leaves, branches and debris from guttering and roof
  • Clean all down pipes and valleys
  • Check roof for cracked tiles and leakage by qualified tilers
  • Cut and clear away any over-hanging branches or bushes
  • All work is carried out by professional, courteous tilers
  • All debris is taken away, not left on premises

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