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Carpet Repairs

You may not need to replace your carpet!

Save money and time by getting your carpets repaired…not replaced. Cheap as Chips specialises in carpet repair projects be it a small stain removal job or a large patch job, we can help in removing the damage and have your carpet looking brand new again.

Some popular carpet repair calls are for:

  • Patch up projects, where we match and replace a section of carpet
  • Stain removal
  • Seam repairs
  • Torn carpet from pet damage
  • Rental property with spot damage
  • Burn marks from candles, irons or other heat items
  • Damage from paint, hair dye or wax

When it comes to carpet repairs you would be surprised as to what can be fixed with the damage being completely removed. Replacing carpet is a costly expense, especially if you have a large carpeted area with a small damage spot, so it is worth getting a quote on repairing the carpet before replacing it altogether.

Residential carpet repairs

Carpet repairs are great if you live in a rental property or if you were minding a friend’s house and had an accident leaving the carpet damaged. We can arrange for a same day service and have your carpets looked at and repaired with a simple phone call.

Stained carpet, torn or worn carpet and split seams in doorways, halls and rooms can also be repaired whether it’s right in the middle of a high traffic area or if the carpet meets a hard floor surface.

Call today to find out if your carpet can be repaired.

Commercial carpet repairs

High traffic areas in commercial and office premises, general wear and tear, sun damage, spot damage and carpet wear from roller wheels are all areas we can look at and repair. From libraries, hotels, office space and restaurants right up to Parliament house – we can look after any carpet repair job regardless of the size.

We also repair flood damaged carpets, see our Flood Damaged Carpet service for more information.

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