How to Eliminate Covid-19 and other Germs in Your Home & Workplace
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How to Eliminate Covid-19 and other Germs and Bacteria in Your Home & Workplace

To protect the health of yourself and everyone else who enters your home or workplace, it’s important to sanitise the whole premises to kill all the germs that linger on surfaces. Sanitising everything is not an easy task, it’s not uncommon to miss a spot and some germs are harder to kill than others, so what can you do? Listen to the experts and you’ll quickly see your home and workplace transform into virus and bacteria-free sanctuaries.  

Pay Extra Attention to High-Touch Surfaces

Surfaces that are frequently touched, like door handles, countertops, chairs, or elevator buttons, should be cleaned frequently. Wiping these surfaces with a basic household cleaner and a cloth will help minimise the spread of germs as people won’t be picking them up and transferring them to other surfaces throughout your home and business.  

To further prevent the spread of germs, you should place a bottle of hand sanitiser near the entrance of your home and workplace to encourage people to sanitise their hands as they enter. Killing germs before they have the opportunity to attach themselves to other surfaces is the most effective way to stop their spread and protect the health of everyone who comes and goes.


What is Fogging? 

Fogging & Home Disinfection Service

Fogging is an antimicrobial treatment that is used in homes and businesses to fully disinfect them, this service is particularly popular following large events or when an illness has swept through the home or office. The reason it’s called ‘fogging’ is because the antimicrobial treatment is sprayed as a fine mist over all the surfaces on the premises, it makes the room look a little foggy before it all settles. 

How Effective is Fogging? 

Fogging is very effective against killing the coronavirus and other germs and bacteria, it can reliably kill 99.99% of germs on any surface. As it’s applied as a mist, the treatment can sink into every nook and cranny, so spots won’t be missed, and no germ can escape!  

How Long do the Effects of Fogging Last? 

Fogging doesn’t just kill germs in the instant, it creates an invisible layer that continues to kill all germs and bacteria that it touches for up to 28 days after the initial fogging. You can maintain a very high standard of sanitisation by engaging with fogging services once a month.  This is an ideal solution for households infected with Covid-19 and other illnesses coming out of an isolation period to get the house back to a germ-free environment. 


Get the Best Clean with Professional Cleaners 

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